Summer Study Abroad in Israel! Tentative dates for 2020: 14 June – 19 July

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Biology, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Pre-Med, majors…

**Info Session:  in the Spring...

* want to study abroad?

* get UCONN honors credit for a class you need!

* choose 2nd class: TelAviv/Middle-East/Hebrew/Arabic...!

* all classes in English!

* attend an Alzheimer's conference!

* learn Israeli cooking!  "make & eat" x4 dinners!

* includes two weekend trips!

* stay in university dorms!

* meet students from around the world!

* enjoy the boardwalk and beautiful beach!

* experience the "city that never sleeps"!

Psychology PNB Cognitive Science Neuroscience PreMed

UConn Brain and Behavior in Tel Aviv is a new summer study abroad program that gives students a chance to pursue their studies in Psychology/Cognitive Science/Neuroscience. This 5 week program is led by Dr. Etan Markus (UConn Psychology) together with colleagues at Tel Aviv University.  Participants will take a UConn class supplemented with a second class focused on regional history and/or culture, as well as, organized activities and tours.

Tel Aviv / Jaffa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its Bauhaus architecture.  It is also known as “The City that Never Sleeps“.  Tel Aviv University is a leading world institution with cutting edge research in both Psychology and Biology.

All coursework and activities will be conducted in English.

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