TAU Classes

This is a 6 week program with classes on Sun - Thurs
Weekends - Friday and Sat are free and two weekend organized trips are included

You take one UConn honor's class and one Tel Aviv University (TAU) class focused on regional history, language and/or culture.

Class offerings change yearly, for summer 2020 choices are one of the following classes

  • Politics: Islam Politics and Terror in the Middle East – Dr. Meir Litvak, learn about the major "players" behind what you hear on the news. The course will discuss the Muslim Brothers movements in various countries; the rise of the radical Salafi-jihadist movement; relations between clergy and state in Iran; the attitude of Islamist movements towards gender issues; the role of religion in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the dilemma of religious movements and democracy. Transfers as POLS 3993: Foreign Study – 3cr
  • History/Culture: The Jewish World in the Modern Era- Dr. Robert Rockaway, covers the major currents in Jewish culture and society from the late eighteenth century to the present. Focus on the history of the Jews in Europe, with an emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe and also includes lectures on major themes in American Jewish history. Transfers as TBD: Foreign Study – 3cr
  • Language: Beginner’s Hebrew -   basic Hebrew, only for “students with zero previous knowledge of Hebrew”.  Focus on themes related to life in Israel, such as geography, the environment, history, and cultural events. Transfers as TBD - 4cr

"My Arab and Israeli conflict class was a very well put together summary of the historical events that led up to the modern day tensions in the conflict, as well as current peace talks and the different ideas for a peace plan..."

"... good way to meet students from the TAU international program, as well as students who are from Tel Aviv, and learn more about the history of the country"

students at TAU
students at TAU