Rough Estimate for Summer 2020

(based on 2019 - updates/details for 2020 at UCONN Education Abroad site)

Program: including dorms, weekend trips, workshops, health insurance

UConn fee bill            $4,734 (UCONN)     $5,234 (Non-UCONN)

(4cr language classes  $400)

UConn application fee   $25

Tel Aviv Univ. fee           $60

Flight                       ~$1,200

Food/Fun                   ~$800

Total about                 $6,820 (non-UCONN + $500)

Scholarships Available!!!

(previous years some students had 50% or more in scholarships - not need based!)

Global Citizenship Scholarship

  • Up to $1750 available through Education Abroad (need based, FAFSA on file)
  • Students can apply any unused federal loans from the Academic Year

Study in Israel Scholarships

  • Up to $1500 through Judaic Studies, this is NOT need based & you do not need to be Jewish, contact Etan for details
  • Other scholarships available, contact Etan for details

Additional External Scholarships available to students - listed on Education Abroad website.  Eligibility depends on a variety of factors, need, location, major, student's background etc...


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