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What is the brain basis of learning and memory?

We'll work our way up from simple learning to complex learning & memory processes

  • how do things in the environment get associated together?

  • what is Learning Theory (Pavlov, Skinner)? can it explain all learning?

  • are learning & memory the same in humans as in other animals?

  • what changes in the brain when we learn something new?

  • how are memories stored?

  • how do these brain changes relate to amnesia? Alzheimer's? PTSD? eye-witness testimony?

  • Bonus for 2020! attending the School of Medicine's Annual Alzheimer's Disease Conference

homer simpson brain

Satisfies: PSYC Area II; Neuroscience Minor; Cognitive Sciences & Honors course requirements

Prerequisites: PSYC 1100 or BIOL 1107 or BIOL 1108.  Recommended: PSYC 2200

Required Texts/Materials:   Textbook (TBD),  additional readings will be distributed in class or via HuskyCT

Grading: Quizzes, two midterms and a final examination.

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"A very interesting class with a great professor! You'll learn mostly from a neurological basis how different types of learning occurs in the brain- if you like both psychology and neuroscience this is definitely the class for you. He goes over every class the next day, so you'll have an easier time remembering if you missed something the first time around."