This is a 6 week program led by Dr. Etan Markus (UConn Psychology) together with colleagues at Tel Aviv University.

Participants take one UConn honor's class and one Tel Aviv University (TAU) class focused on regional history, language and/or culture.

Classes are in English Sun-Thurs, leaving Friday & Sat free (two weekend trips included)

For the upcoming summer these will be:

1. Psychology: PSYC 2209. Learning and Memory: From Brain to Behavior - Dr. Etan Markus, 3cr Honors more details...

2. A choice of one TAU course (actual offers change yearly): click for this summer's options...

  • History & Culture: Tel Aviv-Jaffa: Urbanization and Urban Culture
  • Politics: Islam Politics and Terror in the Middle East
  • Politics: Arab and Israelis: Conflict and Conflict Resolution in the Middle East
  • Languages: Arabic I
  • Languages: Spoken Arabic
  • Languages: Beginner’s Hebrew


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